Amie Adamson

 Tragic Death of Amie Adamson in Montana After Grizzly Bear Mauling Near Yellowstone

Discovery of Amie Adamson’s Body

The community mourns the devastating loss of Amie Adamson, a 48-year-old hiker from Derby, Kansas, whose body was discovered in Montana following a possible encounter with a grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park. Authorities and bear specialists are conducting an investigation into the incident, which has left many in shock and sorrow.

Amie Adamson’s body was found on the Buttermilk Trail in West Yellowstone by a hiker on a Saturday morning. The hiker promptly alerted the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks game wardens, leading to a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.

 Signs of a Bear Attack

Authorities conducting the investigation discovered that Amie Adamson had wounds consistent with a bear attack. Although no bears or animal carcasses were observed during the search, bear tracks were found near the scene, including those belonging to an adult grizzly bear and at least one cub.

The Investigation Continues

The investigation into Amie Adamson’s tragic death is ongoing. The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed her identity on Facebook. Although the attack is not believed to be a predation, her death was caused by exsanguination resulting from the bear mauling, according to a statement made by the department.

Amie Adamson’s Remarkable Journey

Amie Adamson was known for her adventurous spirit. In 2015, she left her career as an English teacher, embarking on a 2,200-mile backpacking trip across the eastern half of the United States. She chronicled her reflections on this journey in her book titled “Walking Out: One Teacher’s Reflections on Walking Out of the Classroom to Walk America.”

A Cautionary Note on Bear Safety

In the news release, it was mentioned that Amie Adamson did not have bear spray, a recommended deterrent to carry in areas frequented by bears. Wildlife experts advise hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared with bear spray for their safety in bear country.


The passing of Amie Adamson, a vibrant hiker and adventurer, has deeply saddened the community. As authorities continue their investigation into the grizzly bear mauling, her legacy as an intrepid traveler and author will be remembered fondly. Her tragic death serves as a solemn reminder of the importance of bear safety precautions while exploring the wilderness.

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