Tim Mathieson, Ex-Boyfriend of Julia Gillard, Accused of Stalking and Sexual Assault

 Accusations of Stalking and Sexual Assault

The former partner of Australia’s ex-prime minister, Julia Gillard, is facing serious accusations, including stalking and sexual assault. Tim Mathieson, known during Ms. Gillard’s reign as ‘first bloke,’ appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court via videolink on Thursday.

According to court documents obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Tim Mathieson was charged with two counts of stalking, allegedly entering a woman’s home without her permission. These charges followed an earlier incident where Mathieson was accused of sexually assaulting a woman by sucking her nipple without her consent in the same suburb.

Plea Deal and Charges Withdrawn

Mathieson’s barrister, Brad Penno, informed the court that his client would plead guilty to one count of sexual assault. In exchange for this plea, the Director of the Office of Public Prosecutions agreed to drop the two stalking charges. The plea deal has been made to avoid a potential 10-year sentence behind bars, which is the maximum penalty for stalking in Victoria.

Potential Diversion Program

Mr. Penno expressed his hope that Mathieson would be dealt with via the court’s diversion program. Under this program, first-time offenders may be given a chance to avoid formal pleading and convictions. However, the decision to allow diversion would depend on discussions with the alleged victim and her consent.

 Mathieson’s Background and Relationship with Julia Gillard

Tim Mathieson had been a hairdresser when he began dating Julia Gillard in 2004. They lived together in The Lodge in Canberra while Gillard served as Prime Minister until their split, which Gillard publicly revealed in early 2022.

Mathieson was actively involved in various charitable organizations during Gillard’s time as Prime Minister, including Kidney Health Australia, Indigenous Diabetes Association, and Beyond Blue.

Facing the Consequences

Should the diversion not be granted, Mathieson may have to enter a formal plea, which could result in a conviction and a more severe penalty for the sexual assault charge.

The case is set to return to court next month, where further details of the sexual assault allegations are expected to be aired. As the legal proceedings continue, the public awaits the resolution of this high-profile case involving the ex-boyfriend of a former Prime Minister.

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