Thompson Family Missing: July 5, 1996 Murders: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Thompson Family Missing: July 5, 1996 Murders: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Thompson Family Missing: The Thompson Family Mystery: Unraveling the 1996 Murders in Chicago

Discover the chilling tale of the Thompson family, who vanished without a trace on July 5, 1996, in the heart of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Everett Thompson, his wife Lydia, along with their children Everett Jr. and Andrew, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a baffling trail of events that have remained unsolved for years.


The Thompsons were a seemingly ordinary family living on the 8100 block of South Rhodes Avenue in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. Their life was not only centered around their family home, which Lydia had inherited from her mother, but also their pizzeria, ‘Eat Co Pizza,’ located on Lawrence Avenue and 71st Street in the city.

Suspicious Events Unfold:

On that fateful day, Everett Sr. received a troubling phone call while at the restaurant. His wife Lydia urgently informed him that her brother was wielding an axe and threatening her at their home. Shocked and concerned, Everett Sr. rushed home, leaving the restaurant behind. Sadly, this marked the last time he was heard from.

Lydia managed to call 911 during the frightening encounter, reporting her brother’s axe threat. Mere days later, the entire Thompson family vanished, leaving behind a void that continues to baffle investigators and the community alike.

The Dark Suspect:

Lydia’s brother, Kevin White, emerged as a suspect with a shadowy past. With a criminal record including sexual assaults and burglary, he had a history of trouble with the law. Kevin’s dubious behavior only grew more suspicious as he appeared at the Thompsons’ pizzeria, spinning a fabricated tale of Everett Sr.’s arrest due to a traffic accident – a falsehood that was quickly debunked.

Sinister Clues:

Blood-stained men’s gym shoes and a blood-soaked child’s sock were discovered, hinting at a gruesome crime scene within the Thompson residence. Law enforcement found that the kitchen floor had been torn out and the bathroom fixtures painted red. However, a police officer who had visited the home on the night of the 911 call reported no such alterations. These unsettling findings raised questions about the timeline of events leading to the family’s disappearance.

Tragic End of a Suspect:

In 1997, Kevin White met a grim fate within his jail cell at the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. On Christmas morning, he was discovered hanging from a bedsheet tied to an overhead fire sprinkler. With his demise, the primary and only suspect in the Thompson family murders left behind a haunting void, taking the secrets of the crime with him.

Unanswered Questions:

Despite Kevin White’s demise, the Thompson family’s whereabouts remain unknown to this day. Law enforcement and the community have tirelessly sought answers, but the case remains an enigma. No charges have been filed, and no bodies have been found.

Call for Information:

If you possess any information that could shed light on this perplexing case, please reach out to the Chicago Police Department. Case Number A-510478 serves as a reminder of the Thompson family’s tragic fate and the urgency to uncover the truth behind their chilling disappearance.

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