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Singer Bruddah Waltah Aipolani, Hawaiian Reggae Musician  Death and Cause of Death Revealed 

In the heart of the Pacific, the music scene has lost a shining star. Braddah Waltah Aipolani, a true icon of Hawaiian music, has peacefully bid farewell, leaving behind a legacy that resonates in every strum of a guitar and every note of a melody. Hailing from the picturesque lands of Keaukaha, near Hilo, Hawaii, Braddah Waltah’s life story is one of artistry, passion, and a deep connection to his roots.

Braddah Waltah’s journey through life was marked by his unwavering dedication to his craft. A maestro of multiple talents, he wasn’t limited to just one instrument or one role. His velvety voice resonated with emotions, his guitar skills painted melodies that spoke directly to the soul, and his songwriting prowess spun tales of love, life, and the essence of Hawaii itself. His music transcended mere entertainment; it was a spiritual experience that brought people closer to the essence of the islands.

Beyond the spotlight, Braddah Waltah was also a beacon of leadership. His tenure as a team leader at Native Village Rescue showcased his commitment to making a positive difference in his community. He didn’t just sing about the beauty of Hawaii; he actively participated in preserving it. His artistic endeavors extended beyond music; as an Observer at Rithem Entertainment Group and through his work at Luvin Life, he demonstrated that creativity knows no bounds.

Braddah Waltah’s music wasn’t just an auditory experience; it was a collection of memories etched into the lives of countless listeners. His beloved song, “Sweet Lady of Waiahole,” became a cherished anthem on the airwaves, its notes carrying the essence of the islands to far-flung corners of the world. His gift for storytelling through music left an indelible mark, intertwining his legacy with the very soul of Hawaii.

Braddah Waltah’s journey wasn’t solely musical. His pursuit of education took him through the corridors of the College of Life after his days at Waianae High School. His love story with Thailiana Denise Leionaona Aipolani, sealed in marriage on November 24, 1977, was a testament to his commitment not just to his art, but to the relationships that anchored his life.

As the sun sets on Braddah Waltah’s earthly chapter, his music will forever dance in the wind and ripple in the waves of Hawaii. His battle with health issues may have ended, but his spirit lives on through the melodies that continue to uplift and inspire. Tributes from loved ones like Jim Sequeira, Eric T Yamada, and Chad K Pule underscore the profound impact he had on those around him, testifying to a life well-lived and a legacy that will stand the test of time.

In the coming days, as his family prepares to bid their final farewell, Braddah Waltah’s obituary and funeral arrangements will honor a life that illuminated the world with music. Though the notes may fade, his memory will continue to resonate, reminding us that legends never truly leave us; they live on through the art they’ve given the world.

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