Sister Marina Carver

 Senior Latter-day Saint Missionary, Sister Marina Carver, Tragically Killed in Vanuatu Crash

A Heartbreaking Loss for the Riverton Community

The Riverton community mourns the untimely death of Sister Marina Carver, a beloved senior missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fondly known as Rina, she passed away on her 59th birthday while serving her mission on a small island in the South Pacific. The tragic accident occurred when a car collided with her and her husband’s vehicle, leaving many in shock and grief.

The sudden death of Sister Marina Carver has left the Riverton community in mourning. As a senior missionary, she was deeply admired and cherished by all who knew her. Her open heart and acceptance of everyone endeared her to countless individuals.

Devotion to Her Mission

Sister Marina Carver and her husband, Richard, were dedicated missionaries on a small island in the South Pacific. They were on their way back to her apartment from her birthday party when the fatal head-on collision occurred in Vanuatu. Despite the tragic loss, Richard is receiving treatment for his injuries and is expected to recover.

Sister Marina Carver’s close friends, Cindy Westover and Tammy Ball, are heartbroken by the loss of their beloved friend. They recall her optimistic outlook on life and her ability to find the silver lining in every circumstance. Rina’s caring and supportive nature made her an invaluable confidante to those around her.

Despite the immense grief and loss, Sister Marina Carver’s loved ones are determined to honor her memory and continue forward. They find solace in knowing that she would want them to persevere through this difficult time and continue spreading the love and kindness that she embodied.


The tragic passing of Sister Marina Carver, a senior Latter-day Saint missionary, has left the Riverton community in sorrow. Her unwavering dedication to her mission and her caring nature touched the lives of many. As her loved ones grapple with grief, they find comfort in remembering her remarkable spirit and resolve to continue her legacy of love and kindness.

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