Missing 11-Year-Old Boy Found Safe in Gary, Indiana

 Missing 11-Year-Old Boy Found Safe in Gary, Indiana

Chicago, IL: In a recent turn of events, the Gary police have officially canceled the alert for 11-year-old Damarion Dylan Martin, who was reported missing earlier. This breaking development comes as a huge relief to the community and Damarion’s concerned loved ones.

A Sudden Disappearance

The search for Damarion began when he went missing under mysterious circumstances. Initial reports indicated that he was in “extreme danger” and might require urgent medical assistance, heightening concerns for his safety.

A Community United

The disappearance of a young child like Damarion sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of Gary, Indiana. Residents rallied together, sharing information and mobilizing efforts to aid in the search.

However, it appears that the collective efforts of law enforcement, concerned citizens, and the community have paid off, as Damarion has been located.

Details about the circumstances of his return and his current condition are yet to be disclosed. The community, along with his family, eagerly awaits further updates to understand the events surrounding his brief disappearance.


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