Maryellen Barry Obituary, Beloved Mother of PUT IX Rider and Survivor Nick Barry, Passes Away in Franklin, MA

Maryellen Barry Obituary, Beloved Mother of PUT IX Rider and Survivor Nick Barry, Passes Away in Franklin, MA

Franklin, MA – The community mourns the loss of Maryellen Barry, a cherished mother and dedicated supporter of her son, PUT IX rider, and survivor, Nick Barry. Maryellen, aged 58, tragically passed away on a somber Thursday evening in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Remembering Maryellen Barry’s Life and Legacy

Maryellen Barry was a loving and devoted mother, known for her unwavering support and care for her family, especially her son Nick Barry. Her role as a dedicated mother was truly exceptional, standing by Nick’s side through his inspiring journey as a survivor of the devastating PUT IX accident.

A Pillar of Strength for Nick Barry and the Community

As a survivor of the PUT IX incident, Nick Barry’s journey was an uphill battle, but he consistently drew strength from the love and encouragement of his mother. Maryellen’s boundless love, kindness, and determination have been a guiding light for her son and the entire community, inspiring countless individuals throughout their lives.

Franklin, MA Comes Together to Mourn

In the wake of this heartbreaking loss, the tight-knit community of Franklin, MA, unites to mourn the passing of Maryellen Barry. Fondly remembered for her compassion and warmth, she touched the lives of many residents in the area. Her absence leaves a profound void in the hearts of those who knew her.

Funeral Arrangements and Condolences

The Barry family is finalizing the details of Maryellen’s funeral arrangements, with further information to be shared in the coming days. Friends, family, and community members who wish to offer condolences and support during this difficult time can share their memories and messages of sympathy online.

In Memoriam

In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations in Maryellen Barry’s memory to be directed to a charity close to her heart. The chosen organization will continue her legacy of compassion and dedication to supporting those in need.

About Franklin, MA:

Franklin, Massachusetts, is a close-knit community known for its strong spirit and support for its residents. The town’s residents come together in times of joy and sorrow, exemplifying the true essence of community and care.

The passing of Maryellen Barry leaves a significant void in the hearts of her loved ones, the community, and especially her son, Nick Barry. As the community unites in grief, they celebrate the life of a remarkable woman whose love and support touched so many lives.


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