Man Tracks Down Stolen Car to Supermarket Car Park and Shoots Thief Dead in Gunfight in Texas

In a dramatic incident in Texas, a car owner took matters into his own hands after his Ford truck was stolen, leading to a fatal confrontation with the alleged thief in a shopping center car park. The tense gunfight resulted in the death of the thief, leaving the car owner and another woman injured.

Tracking Down the Stolen Car

The story unfolded at South Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas, when the car owner discovered his truck missing around 1 pm local time. Determined to retrieve his property, he successfully tracked down his stolen vehicle in a different car park nearby.

The Gunfight Ensues

Upon locating the stolen car, the car owner confronted the alleged thief and his female accomplice. In a startling turn of events, the thief brandished a gun and opened fire on the owner, injuring him. However, the car owner was not defenseless and retaliated by drawing his own weapon, resulting in a deadly shootout that proved fatal for the thief.

Police Investigation and Self-Defense

Authorities arrived at the scene to investigate the incident. According to police reports, the shooting was considered an act of self-defense by the car owner. The owner’s decision to take matters into his own hands to retrieve his stolen vehicle was acknowledged, although law enforcement officials emphasized the importance of contacting the police before attempting such actions.

Injuries and Tragic Loss

While the alleged thief lost his life, the car owner and the female accomplice were also wounded during the gunfight. The car owner is now in stable condition, while the woman is reported to be in critical condition.

Mixed Reactions from Family Members

The aftermath of the incident has resulted in mixed reactions from family members. The victim’s brother expressed his disapproval of the car owner’s actions, labeling him a “vigilante” rather than a hero. He believes that no vehicle is worth taking someone’s life and urged against individuals taking the law into their own hands.


This tragic incident in Texas serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the dangers of confronting criminals directly. While the car owner succeeded in recovering his stolen property, it came at a heavy cost. The shooting, now considered self-defense by the authorities, leaves behind a trail of injuries, loss, and emotional turmoil for all involved parties.

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