M4 Accident Today Brings Miles of Heavy Traffic to Newport

M4 Accident Today Brings Miles of Heavy Traffic to Newport

An early morning accident on the M4 eastbound carriageway in Newport has thrown the region into chaos, with miles of queuing traffic and lengthy delays. The incident occurred around 7.50am, and its impact rippled through the morning commute.

The Accident and Closure

All lanes on the eastbound carriageway were swiftly closed following the accident, leading to a significant disruption for commuters. The road closure remained in effect for several hours, causing frustration and lengthy delays for those trying to navigate the M4.

Travel Time Reaches a Standstill

As the morning unfolded, travel time on the affected route reached an astonishing 60 minutes, exacerbating the already heavy traffic situation. Commuters found themselves caught in a seemingly endless sea of vehicles.

Tailbacks Stretch for Miles

The tailbacks on the eastbound carriageway stretched from Junction 26, creating a seemingly never-ending line of vehicles, all the way to Junction 30 (Cardiff Gate). The scene was one of frustration and impatience as commuters sat bumper-to-bumper, eager to reach their destinations.

Westbound Delays and Onlooker Slowdowns

The westbound carriageway also experienced its share of delays, with traffic backing up from Junction 26 to Junction 24 (Coldra). The reason? Many drivers slowed down to catch a glimpse of the accident scene, further exacerbating the congestion.

Newport Routes Feel the Strain

The impact of the M4 accident rippled through the city of Newport, causing further delays on various routes. Commuters throughout the area found themselves grappling with unexpected delays and detours as they tried to navigate the traffic snarl.

The M4 crash in Newport created a morning of chaos and frustration for commuters. Heavy traffic, long delays, and miles of tailbacks became the unfortunate norm as the eastbound carriageway remained closed for several hours. As the region slowly recovers from this incident, commuters can only hope for smoother journeys ahead.

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