Kelly Barlow Missing: Search Underway for Missing Lee County Woman - IO

Kelly Barlow Missing: Search Underway for Missing Lee County Woman – IO

Kelly Barlow Missing: Lee County Woman’s Disappearance Sparks Search Effort

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department has launched a search operation, seeking assistance from the public to locate Kelly Barlow, a missing woman from the area. The community’s support is vital in helping authorities bring Kelly back to safety.

Mysterious Disappearance

Kelly Barlow’s sudden disappearance has raised concerns throughout Lee County. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is actively engaged in efforts to locate her and ensure her well-being.

Last Known Sightings

According to information shared in a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office, Kelly Barlow was last spotted walking westbound on Highway 2 near Appleberry Orchard on a Monday evening around 5:30 p.m. During this sighting, she was wearing a pink or nude-colored shirt, black capris, and carrying a purse with a long strap.

Another sighting places Kelly Barlow walking westbound on Highway 2, specifically west of Golden Road, on a Sunday at 12:45 p.m. This detail provides crucial information about her potential movements.

Community Involvement is Key

In these troubling circumstances, the Lee County community’s engagement is pivotal. If you have any information regarding Kelly Barlow’s whereabouts or have seen her, even if you believe the information is minor, it could be instrumental in aiding the search effort.

Assistance Needed

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department urges anyone with information about Kelly Barlow’s location to get in touch. You can contact them at 319-372-1152 ext. 3313. Every piece of information matters and could potentially lead to Kelly’s safe return.

United for Kelly

As the search for Kelly Barlow continues, the Lee County community stands united in its determination to bring her back safely. The solidarity and support of the community can provide comfort to her loved ones and contribute significantly to the search operation’s success.

The disappearance of Kelly Barlow has prompted the Lee County Sheriff’s Department to initiate a search effort, seeking the public’s help in locating her. Any information, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in this mission. As we come together to aid the search for Kelly Barlow, let’s keep her and her family in our thoughts, hoping for her swift and safe return. If you have any information, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department at 319-372-1152 ext. 3313.

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