Jim Ellis Obituary: Penobscot County Lieutenant and Mentor Remembered

Jim Ellis Obituary: Penobscot County Lieutenant and Mentor Remembered

 A Mentor to Remember: Jim Ellis’s Impact on Maine’s Firefighting Community

Jim Ellis Obituary: The Maine community mourns the loss of James “Jim” Ellis, a dedicated firefighter and lieutenant at the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office. After retiring from his role as the longstanding chief in Eddington and Holden, Ellis continued to inspire and support others in his law enforcement career. His passing is deeply felt by those who knew him, and his contributions to the community will be remembered for years to come.

Throughout his career, Jim Ellis showed deep dedication to mentoring the next generation of firefighters in Maine. As the unofficial patriarch of the Holden and Eddington fire departments, his leadership and guidance helped grow both departments, leaving a lasting legacy of support and care.

 A Life of Service: Jim Ellis’s Journey in Law Enforcement

Following his retirement as the esteemed chief, Jim Ellis embraced a new chapter in his career as a lieutenant at the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office. His commitment to public safety and his role as a mentor earned him respect and admiration from his colleagues and friends alike.

 Remembering Jim Ellis: A Cherished Father and Grandfather

Beyond his professional achievements, Jim Ellis was a devoted father and grandfather. His presence and love were felt deeply by his family, and he took great pride in supporting his grandchildren in their endeavors. His warm and caring nature endeared him to his loved ones and the communities he served.

 Support and Condolences: Maine’s First Responders Grieve

The news of Jim Ellis’s passing has reverberated throughout Maine’s first responder community. Colleagues and agencies have come together to share their condolences and express their appreciation for the impact Ellis had on their lives and the lives of others.

 The Journey Beyond: Ellis’s Battle with Multiple Myeloma

In recent years, Jim Ellis battled multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects white blood cells. Despite the challenges he faced, he continued to inspire and support others, leaving a lasting impression on all who knew him.

A Legacy of Making a Difference: Tribute to Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis’s impact on his community, both as a firefighter and a lieutenant, is immeasurable. The overwhelming support received by his daughters, Emily Maniscalco and Samantha Mulheron, speaks volumes about the love and respect he garnered from those around him.


The passing of James “Jim” Ellis has left a void in the hearts of the Maine community. As a dedicated mentor, respected lieutenant, and cherished family member, he leaves behind a legacy of kindness, support, and making a difference in the lives of others. His impact on the firefighting and law enforcement communities will be remembered for generations to come. May his memory serve as an inspiration for others to follow in his footsteps of service and care.

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