Jessica Fern Missing

Jessica Fern Missing: Where was Jessica Fern last seen?

Ridgefield, WA – A community is on high alert as Jessica Fern, a resident of Ridgefield, Washington State, has gone missing since August 15, 2023. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have spurred her family to take to social media, urgently seeking any information that could shed light on her whereabouts.

Jessica Fern was last seen leaving her home in a 2015 Black/Grey Ford Edge, clad in a flannel long-sleeve button-up shirt and black shorts. Her disappearance has raised significant concern within her community. As the search efforts intensify, her family has turned to the power of social media in a desperate plea for help.

Jessica Fern’s husband took to Facebook to share a missing person flyer, imploring anyone with information about his missing wife to come forward. According to the post, Jessica was last seen at their residence in Ridgefield. Notably, she left with their beloved dog, Honzo, a Tan Irish wolfhound/German Shepard mix. The husband also added that their dog was found near Surprise Beach on the Vancouver, WA waterfront on August 16, after Jessica’s phone was traced to the area.

The community’s response to the plea has been overwhelming, with the post being shared extensively by friends, family, and compassionate strangers alike. As the search for Jessica continues, her husband is seeking volunteers to assist with the search. An updated post revealed a call for volunteers to gather at Wild Fin Grill and Twigs Bistro on the Vancouver, WA waterfront on August 17. The objective is to distribute additional missing person flyers and broaden the search efforts.

Interestingly, Jessica Fern’s disappearance occurs in the midst of another troubling case involving the vanishing of Bayla Swid, a Boca Raton resident. Bayla Swid has been missing since July 15, 2023, and was last seen in Miami with an unidentified 44-year-old man using the alias Robert Davis. The similarities between these two cases are unsettling, further emphasizing the importance of community vigilance and support.

Anyone with information regarding Jessica Fern’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Ridgefield Police Department at 360-887-3556. The community’s proactive response and dedication to locating Jessica is a testament to the strength of unity during times of crisis. Let’s stand together to bring Jessica Fern back to her loved ones, offering hope and solidarity in the search for her safe return.

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