Goodall Death and Obituary -The Owner of Venom Fitness Osprey

Darren Goodall: A Tragic Loss for Sarasota, Florida

The Sarasota, Florida community is mourning the unexpected and tragic loss of Darren Goodall, a renowned celebrity trainer and undefeated professional boxer originally from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Darren’s passing occurred on the night of July 28, 2023, leaving behind a profound impact on the fitness industry as the Owner and Founder of Venom Fitness Osprey, which operated in both Florida and New Jersey, touching the lives of countless individuals.

Affectionately known as “Venom” in the gym community, Darren was not only a fitness guru but also a nutrition counselor and creator, dedicating himself to helping people achieve their fitness dreams.

His accomplishments extended beyond the gym, as he was featured in esteemed publications like Forbes Magazine, Bravo TV, Vegas Times, and Flaunt Magazine, solidifying his status as a celebrity trainer and influencer.

Beyond his professional achievements, Darren played significant roles as a loving partner to Gabrielle Hayward and a devoted father figure to their child.

However, amidst the grief, there are reports of an ongoing investigation into alleged sexual assault against a minor, which appeared to have deeply affected him. Tragically, Darren’s life came to an apparent end through suicide after work hours on that fateful Friday night, sending shockwaves through the fitness and boxing communities.

His untimely death leaves behind a void that will be felt by many, and his dedication to empowering others and promoting fitness will be remembered and cherished.

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