Final Accused in Roxborough High School Shooting Arrested After Daring Leap

Final Accused in Roxborough High School Shooting Arrested After Daring Leap

More than a year after a tragic shooting outside Roxborough High School that left a 14-year-old dead and four other teens injured, the final accused shooter has been apprehended. Dayron Burney-Thorn, a 16-year-old wanted for two murders and part of the group responsible for the deadly attack, was arrested on Monday.

U.S. Marshals’ Successful Manhunt

Dayron Burney-Thorn had been on the run for over a year, wanted for his involvement in a heinous crime. U.S. Marshals, determined to bring him to justice, tracked him down to an apartment building on the 200 block of West Walnut Lane in Germantown. In a daring arrest, agents knocked on the door just before 2 p.m., and Burney-Thorn answered. However, in a desperate attempt to evade capture, he leaped from a fourth-story window.

Despite sustaining injuries during the fall, Dayron Burney-Thorn remained conscious and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He now faces charges related to homicide and other crimes in connection with the Roxborough High School shooting.

Tragic Events Unfolded in 2022

The group of shooters accused of this high-profile crime drove from North Philadelphia to Roxborough High School on the afternoon of September 27, 2022. They waited outside the school’s football field, where a scrimmage was taking place with hundreds of parents, students, and players in attendance.

When the Roxborough players crossed the road to enter the locker room, the shooters opened fire, unleashing more than 60 shots into the crowd. This senseless act resulted in the tragic death of 14-year-old Nicolas Elizalde and left four other teens, aged 14 to 17, injured. One of the victims was shot nine times but miraculously survived.

A Devastating Impact on the Community

Police have indicated that the shooters may have been retaliating for an earlier incident, and at least one of the victims was targeted. Nicolas Elizalde, an innocent bystander, was struck by a stray bullet, resulting in his tragic death. The community was left reeling from the devastation, prompting widespread condemnation of violence, especially in school and sports venues.

Nicolas Elizalde was a kind and thoughtful young boy who was passionate about sports, animals, and spending time with his mother. He was a freshman at Walter B. Saul High School and deeply cared about issues affecting the community.

Meredith Elizalde, Nicolas’s mother, has been tirelessly seeking justice for her son. She acknowledges that the apprehension of Dayron Burney-Thorn doesn’t change her new reality of loss and heartache.

Linked to Another Murder

Dayron Burney-Thorn was not only wanted for his involvement in the Roxborough High School shooting but also for a second murder. He, along with Troy Fletcher and Zyhied Jones, committed the murder of 19-year-old Tahmir Jones. This crime occurred just a day before the tragic events outside Roxborough High.

The three assailants ambushed Tahmir Jones outside his North Philadelphia home on September 26, 2022, and brutally shot him over 20 times. The motive for this crime remained unknown at the time, and Tahmir Jones was a young man with no criminal record, enrolled in a YouthBuild construction apprenticeship program.

Detectives utilized various forms of evidence, including DNA, surveillance footage, cell phone records, and GPS data, to connect the accused individuals to the crimes.

Relief for Victims’ Families

Theresa Guyton, Tahmir Jones’ mother, expressed a moment of relief upon hearing about Dayron Burney-Thorn’s arrest. Her family has endured traumatic stress and grief in the past year, and knowing that the alleged killer is off the streets brought some solace.

The last year has been a challenging journey for Tahmir Jones’ family, and they have had to move multiple times. Now, their focus is on providing therapy for Tahmir’s 4-year-old nephew, who deeply misses the presence of the man he considered his father.

The community hopes for closure and justice as Dayron Burney-Thorn faces the legal consequences of his actions.

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