"Tragic news from Stillwater as beloved father of two, Dylan Lewis, is found dead. Family and loved ones remember his kind nature and selflessness. The investigation unfolds as the community mourns the loss of a cherished man. Heartfelt memories and lasting love keep his memory alive." Dylan Lewis

Father of Two, Dylan Lewis, Found Dead in Stillwater

 Remembering a Devoted Father

The Stillwater community mourns the tragic loss of Dylan Lewis, a beloved father of two. Loved ones and family members speak out about his kind and caring nature, remembering him as a knight in shining armor. As the investigation into his death continues, grief-stricken family members grapple with the devastating loss of a man who was cherished by many.

Family members and loved ones fondly recall Dylan Lewis as a devoted father who adored his young daughters. Sierra Wikel and Autumn Buntin, mothers of his children, speak of his loving and selfless nature, always willing to give and support those around him.

At just 28 years old, Dylan Lewis had recently earned his high school certificate and was working hard in local restaurants to provide for his young daughters. His family expresses deep sorrow over the abrupt end to his journey as a father and provider.

Tragic Discovery and Investigation

A pedestrian discovered Dylan Lewis dead at 6th Street and Perkins, prompting an investigation that led to the apprehension of Troy Driskel and John Helfrick Jr., both reportedly friends of the victim. The police have amended the charges from murder to manslaughter, indicating that the incident occurred during a fight early on Friday morning.

As family members cope with their grief, they also face the heart-wrenching task of informing Lewis’ young daughters about their father’s passing. The responsibility of delivering such tragic news weighs heavily on those who loved him.

Despite the pain of loss, family members remember Dylan Lewis for his love, kindness, and generosity. He was a deeply loved man, and his memory will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who knew him.


The untimely passing of Dylan Lewis leaves the Stillwater community in grief. Fondly remembered as a devoted father and caring individual, his memory will be cherished by those who loved him. As the investigation unfolds, his family and friends are left to navigate the pain of loss and hold onto the love he brought into their lives.

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