Drunk Driver's Tragic Crash Claims Boyfriend's Life in Horbury

Drunk Driver’s Tragic Crash Claims Boyfriend’s Life in Horbury

A horrifying crash in Horbury, near Wakefield, has left a young man dead, and his girlfriend, Chelsea Standage, now aged 21, facing the consequences of her reckless actions. The incident, which occurred on Saturday, November 13, 2021, has sent shockwaves through the community as Standage lost control of her speeding car, resulting in a tragic collision.

Footage Reveals Reckless Behavior

Disturbing footage filmed inside the speeding car captured Standage saying, “I’m only doing 80mph,” while driving at dangerous speeds on residential streets. The chilling video also features a female passenger pleading with her to slow down. Adding to the tragedy, a male voice can be heard making a callous remark about experiencing a crash, just moments before the devastating accident.

The Fatal Crash

As Standage approached a bend, she lost control of the vehicle, hurtling into a wall and a parked car at speeds exceeding 70mph. Tragically, her boyfriend, Elliott Lemm, 20, who was also in the car, lost his life in the crash. Investigations revealed that Standage was driving while nearly twice the drink-drive limit, compounding the severity of the incident.

Sentencing and Impact

Yesterday, at Leeds Crown Court, Standage received a sentence of eight years and eight months in prison for her actions. Additionally, she was handed a ten-year driving ban. The court’s decision reflects the gravity of her recklessness and the tragic consequences it brought upon innocent lives.

A Mother’s Heartbreak

The heartache caused by this senseless crash has devastated the family of Elliott Lemm. His mother, Samantha Lemm, expressed her profound grief, sharing how she will never forget the night when police came to inform her of her son’s untimely death. She described the profound loss and the overwhelming pain of knowing there was so much left unsaid and undone.

Community Devastation

Detective Sergeant Paul Lightowler, of the Major Collision Enquiry Team, emphasized the far-reaching impact of Standage’s reckless behavior. The devastating consequences of that fateful night extend beyond the individuals involved, affecting families, friends, and the wider community.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the dangers of irresponsible actions on the road. It stands as a call for vigilance, responsibility, and the recognition that reckless choices can forever alter lives.

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