Oxford High School Graduate Sal Vackaro Dies in Hit and Run Car Accident

 Disturbing Footage Allegedly Shows Teenagers Killing Cyclist

Las Vegas, Nevada, – In a chilling turn of events, disturbing footage has emerged allegedly showing teenagers involved in a fatal hit-and-run that claimed the life of a retired police chief who was cycling in Las Vegas last month. The video, widely circulated on social media, has prompted outrage and led to the arrest of a 17-year-old driver.

Unveiling the Chilling Footage

The shocking video, filmed by a passenger, captures a driver heading towards a cyclist while the two occupants of the vehicle can be heard laughing. Moments before the collision, one voice is heard saying, “yeah, hit his ass.” Following the impact, someone remarks, “he got knocked out,” and another voice urges them to “get out of here.”


The incident in question is believed to be the hit-and-run that took the life of Andreas Probst, which occurred at around 6 a.m. on August 14. Video analysis has reportedly confirmed that it was filmed at the same location where the tragic incident transpired, on a stretch of North Tenaya Way near West Centennial Parkway.

Las Vegas police have arrested a 17-year-old driver, charging them with murder in connection to the crash, and the individual has been placed in a juvenile detention center. However, the investigation has now shifted its focus to identifying the passenger in the car who filmed the harrowing event. The driver, who was also linked to the theft of several other vehicles on the morning of the hit-and-run, remains unnamed due to their age.

The Heartbreaking Loss of Andreas Probst

The victim, Andreas Probst, was transported to University Medical Center but was tragically pronounced dead. His daughter, Taylor, described the heart-wrenching moments when they received an alert from her father’s Apple Watch notifying them of the incident. Rushing to the crash scene, they discovered his bike, helmet, and phone scattered about. Crystal, Andreas Probst’s wife and a former law enforcement officer, had an ominous feeling, realizing that something was terribly wrong.

A memorial service held on September 7 paid tribute to Andreas Probst, with a ghost bike placed at the collision spot. The ceremony saw police officers, cyclists, family, and community members coming together to remember a man described by his wife as “an amazing man” who radiated positivity.

A Career of Service

Mr. Probst had a distinguished 35-year career in law enforcement, primarily in California before relocating to Las Vegas in 2009 for a remote position with a security consulting firm. The release of this shocking footage comes just days after a suspect was arrested in Huntington Beach, California, following a series of alleged intentional hit-and-run incidents involving cyclists.

Tragically, the third victim, 70-year-old Steven Gonzales, succumbed to his injuries, while the first two cyclists suffered minor injuries. The incidents unfolded in quick succession, leaving the cycling community on edge.

Mario Obejas of the Beach Cities Cycling Club expressed his concern, stating, “There are drivers who carry a lot of anger when they’re out, and they’re looking to take it out on someone… Unfortunately, we’re often the target… we’re just a group of people in their 50s and 60s going out for a ride. It’s scary sometimes.”

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