Lisa Markli of Port Angeles

 Discovery in Olympic National Park: RN Lisa Markli of Port Angeles Found Dead

RN Lisa Markli of Port Angeles Found Dead

The Port Angeles community mourns the untimely death of Lisa Markli, a registered nurse and long-time resident, whose body was discovered in Olympic National Park. The retired North Olympic Healthcare Network (NOHN) RN was known for her kindness and skill as a caregiver. As authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding her passing, her loved ones and colleagues remember her passion for outdoor adventures and dedication to healthcare.

The news of Lisa Markli’s death has left the Port Angeles community in shock and sorrow. A respected RN at NOHN, she had recently retired to focus on her interests and spend more time with her loved ones. Dr. Michael Maxwell, CEO of NOHN, expressed his heartfelt condolences and praised her caring nature and professionalism.

Known for her love of outdoor activities, Lisa Markli was an avid solo camper, cyclist, kayaker, skier, and enthusiast of “extreme gardening.” Alongside her husband, explorer and author Chris Duff, she ventured on several outdoor excursions and even gave kayaking lessons.

The search for Lisa Markli began after she was reported missing, and various ground search teams, including the National Park Service and local rescue groups, were deployed to investigate her planned itinerary. On Saturday, her body was spotted by a Coast Guard chopper below Stephen Peak, confirming her identity.

In the wake of Lisa Markli’s passing, Dr. Michael Maxwell promised NOHN staff access to counseling services to help them cope with the profound loss of their beloved colleague. Her dedication to healthcare and genuine care for both colleagues and patients touched many hearts.

Lisa Markli was an experienced hiker, and at the time of her passing, she was hiking alone on the challenging Bailey Range Traverse, a multi-day off-trail backpacking adventure through the rugged interior of the Olympic Mountains.

The passing of Lisa Markli, a cherished RN and outdoor enthusiast, has deeply affected the Port Angeles community. As the investigation into her death continues, her passion for adventure and dedication to healthcare will be remembered fondly. Her legacy as a caring caregiver and adventurous spirit will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

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