Demetria Jackson and Herman Mason III Lost in Tragic Manor, TX Murder-Suicide Shooting

Demetria Jackson and Herman Mason III Lost in Tragic Manor, TX Murder-Suicide Shooting

What Transpired on That Night?

At approximately 11:59 PM, the Manor Police Department responded swiftly to an urgent call originating from the 12000 block of Riparian Rd. The caller reported the sound of gunshots fired at a residence, leading officers to the scene without delay. There, they discovered Demetria Jackson, a female victim, outside the premises, showing evident signs of severe injuries. Despite the immediate response, her injuries proved fatal, resulting in her tragic passing.

The authorities took necessary precautions, evacuating the residence due to the potential presence of an armed suspect. Working in tandem with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, officers meticulously entered the premises. Inside, they found Herman Mason III, a male individual, with an apparent gunshot wound. Sadly, he was pronounced deceased. Fortunately, no harm befell other occupants of the residence.

Ongoing Investigation and Community Safety The investigation into this tragic event continues, with detectives dedicating their efforts to uncover the underlying details. While the incident appears to be isolated, the authorities reassure the community that there is no ongoing threat. The Manor Police Department extends its deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Demetria Jackson and Herman Mason III, acknowledging the profound loss they are enduring.

A Call for Support In the wake of this devastating loss, Katrina Johnson has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to rally support for the family. The passing of Demetria Jackson, a cherished daughter, mother, sister, and friend, has left a void that resonates deeply. The funds raised will contribute towards her funeral expenses and will secure the future of her children, Xavier, Sydney, and Lauryn. As a college freshman, a high school student, and a middle school student respectively, these children deserve the opportunity to pursue the dreams Demetria held dear.

The community’s response has been heartfelt, with $10,486 USD raised towards the $100,000 goal. The campaign aims to honor Demetria’s memory by providing her children with the resources to follow the path she envisioned for them. Demetria’s legacy lives on through the collective efforts of those who are dedicated to supporting her family during this difficult time.

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