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Naperville Mourns the Loss of David Szablewski

The Naperville, Illinois community is in mourning as it bids farewell to David Szablewski, a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant of the US Marine Corps and a beloved accordionist. His impact on the community as a musician and dedicated military personnel is deeply felt.

David M. “Dave” Szablewski, born on December 8, 1950, in Naperville, Illinois, was a musical prodigy from a young age. His mastery of the accordion brought joy and celebration to countless events and gatherings in the community, making him a beloved figure.

A Life of Music and Generosity

For over four decades, David Szablewski’s enchanting melodies resonated with the Naperville community, as he entertained at festivals, weddings, and local events. Beyond his performances, he generously shared his musical skills, mentoring aspiring accordion enthusiasts of all ages.

David Szablewski: A Master Gunnery Sergeant’s Legacy

Apart from his musical career, David served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps, achieving the esteemed rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant. His leadership, courage, and care for his fellow Marines were emblematic of his dedicated service to his country.

 A Brave Battle Against Pancreatic Cancer

On July 23, 2023, the Naperville community suffered a great loss as David Szablewski, aged 72, succumbed to pancreatic cancer. His unwavering fight against this aggressive disease served as an inspiration to all who knew him.

Tributes Pour in for a Beloved Friend and Musician

The news of David Szablewski’s passing touched the hearts of many, prompting an outpouring of love and support from the community. Friends and fellow residents paid heartfelt tributes, remembering him as a brave, talented musician, and a man with a mountain-sized heart.

Funeral Arrangements to Be Announced

As the community mourns the loss of David Szablewski, funeral arrangements will be made public at a later time. Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Naperville, Illinois will be handling the arrangements.


David Szablewski’s untimely passing has left the Naperville community in grief, as they remember the remarkable life of the retired Master Gunnery Sergeant and beloved accordionist. Through his music and military service, David touched the lives of many, leaving behind a legacy of joy, inspiration, and courage. The community stands united in paying tribute to a man who will be deeply missed but fondly remembered for years to come.

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