Colton Sisco Obituary - Remembering a Bright Soul

Colton Sisco Obituary – Remembering a Bright Soul

A Precious Beginning

With heavy hearts, we share the news of the passing of Colton Arthur Sisco, a bright and adventurous soul, who left us all too soon. This article is dedicated to commemorating the life of Colton, a six-year-old boy from Martock/Brooklyn, whose impact on the lives of those around him was immeasurable.

A Joyful Spirit: Colton’s Interests and Passions

Colton was an energetic and curious child who delighted in various activities that brought him happiness and laughter.

  1. A Budding YouTuber and Gamer: At a young age, Colton developed a fascination with YouTube videos and enjoyed watching them, often dreaming of creating his content someday. He was also an avid gamer, spending countless hours playing on the Xbox.
  2. Love for “Grizzly and the Lemmings”: One of Colton’s favorite pastimes was watching the animated series “Grizzly and the Lemmings,” which never failed to bring a smile to his face.
  3. Cherishing Car Shows and Farming: Accompanied by his father, Chris, Colton would attend car shows, a shared interest they both cherished. He also had a passion for farming, lovingly taking care of ducks and pigs at home.
  4. Family Bonds and Affection: Colton adored his older brother, Alex, and despite their playful rivalry, they shared a special bond. He would often join Alex’s gaming sessions with their friend, Cuinn, making cherished memories together.
  5. The Love for His Best Friend Rhett: Colton’s best friend, Rhett Oulton, held a special place in his heart, especially when it came to their shared love for farming. They were inseparable and had big dreams for their futures together.
  6. Precious Moments with Family: Colton’s affectionate nature extended to his family, particularly to his mother, Tera. He loved snuggling with her, sharing popcorn, and sleeping by her side as often as he could.
  7. The Mascot of Kendall Lane Courts: Colton brought joy to the residents of Kendall Lane Courts, where he was affectionately known as the mascot. Residents adored him and showered him with treats and love.
  8. A Superhero Enthusiast: Like many kids his age, Colton admired superheroes, with Spider-Man being his favorite. His collection of Spider-Man merchandise, including pajamas, t-shirts, blankets, and toys, was a testament to his admiration.
  9. A Dancing Enthusiast: Colton’s vibrant spirit led him to dance joyfully, particularly in the car. However, if he noticed someone watching, he would humorously respond with “the stare.”

A Short Yet Impactful Journey

Despite his young age, Colton touched the lives of numerous people and left an indelible mark on their hearts.

  1. Grateful Memories and Fondness: Friends, family, and community members all cherished their moments with Colton, holding onto the joy and love he shared.
  2. Forever Missed: The passing of Colton left a void that can never be filled, and his absence will be felt deeply by everyone who knew him.

Honoring Colton’s Legacy

In the spirit of celebrating Colton’s life, a memorial service will be held at Windsor United Church on Tuesday, August 1st, at 2 p.m. Reverend Kevin Cox will officiate the service, which will be followed by a reception in the church hall.

Celebrating Colors and Heroes

Colton loved vibrant colors, particularly blue and orange. To honor his joyful spirit, attendees are encouraged to wear bright colors or superhero-themed attire to the celebration of life.

Leaving a Lasting Impact

In memory of Colton, contributions can be made to NS Ground Search and Rescue, the Oaklawn Zoo, or a local Volunteer Fire Department. Each contribution will echo Colton’s spirit of kindness and compassion.


Colton Arthur Sisco’s time with us may have been short, but the impact he had on our lives will be eternal. His boundless energy, affectionate nature, and love for life serve as a reminder to cherish every moment and embrace the joy in life’s simplest pleasures. Colton will forever remain in the hearts of all who were fortunate to know him. Let us remember and honor his remarkable spirit as we say goodbye to this beloved young soul.

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