Chicago’s Dorothy Hoffner, 104, Dies One Week After Setting Skydiving Record

Chicago’s Dorothy Hoffner, 104, Dies One Week After Setting Skydiving Record


In a remarkable turn of events, the world witnessed the awe-inspiring journey of Dorothy Hoffner, a 104-year-old Chicagoan, who shattered records as the oldest skydiver. Her recent skydiving feat, however, was followed by an unexpected twist, as she peacefully passed away in her sleep. This is the story of an extraordinary woman whose indomitable spirit and zest for life captured the hearts of millions.

 Dreaming of the Sky

In the days leading up to her historic skydiving adventure, Dorothy Hoffner had a vivid dream. In it, she found herself in free fall, a sensation so powerful that it awakened her from her slumber. Little did she know that this dream would foreshadow the breathtaking journey that awaited her.

Breaking Records and Hearts

One week after defying age and gravity, Dorothy Hoffner left us, leaving her close friend, Joe Conant, to reminisce about their unforgettable time together. Conant affectionately called her “grandma” and described her passing as a shock.

“She was just indefatigable. She just kept going,” Conant said. He cherished her lively spark and her eagerness to engage with others. Despite her advanced age, she remained witty and sharp, a testament to her remarkable character.

 Defying Gravity and Expectations

Dorothy Hoffner’s remarkable skydiving adventure was nothing short of legendary. The world watched in amazement as news of her record-breaking feat spread, accompanied by captivating pictures and videos of her courageous jump. With goggles protecting her determined eyes, she smiled gracefully as she descended from 13,500 feet.

When she touched the ground, the 104-year-old dynamo swiftly rose to her feet, grabbed her walker, and shuffled over to the cheering crowd that had witnessed her historic achievement. With a twinkle in her eye, she proclaimed, “Age is only a number, ya’ know?”

A Skydiving Surprise

Dorothy Hoffner’s adventurous spirit extended beyond the sky. The day after her daring jump, her family paid her a visit at Brookdale Lake View senior living community. Unbeknownst to them, she had kept her skydiving feat a secret.

To their astonishment, Hoffner handed them a copy of the Chicago Tribune, where she graced the front page, captured in a stunning photograph parachuting back to Earth. The headline read, “Chicagoan Sets Record as Oldest Skydiver.”

“Dorothy, you never told us you went skydiving!” her family exclaimed, in a mix of surprise and pride.

“Well, you never asked!” Hoffner replied with her trademark sense of humor.

 A Global Sensation

Dorothy Hoffner’s incredible journey transcended local recognition. Her story quickly became a viral sensation, attracting the attention of major news outlets. She was featured in The New York Times, the subject of late-night TV humor, and a beloved guest on cable morning shows. Her story even reached international audiences, with coverage from a Chinese outlet and an appearance on a Mexican broadcast.

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