Charlie Busch Obituary

 Charlie Busch Obituary: Kern River Valley Mourns the Sudden Loss of a Radio Pioneer

Charlie Busch Obituary

The Kern River Valley community is in mourning following the sudden passing of Charlie Busch, a longtime resident and esteemed radio station owner. Charlie’s significant contributions to the valley’s broadcasting industry through KCNQ-102.5 Country Music Station and KRVQ-104.5 Classic Rock Station have left an indelible mark on the area. As friends and acquaintances pay tribute to this radio pioneer, they celebrate his dedication to small market radio and the lasting impact he made on the community.

Charlie Busch’s illustrious career in radio began in Seattle and Portland, where he worked with broadcasting giants like iHeartRADIO. Over five decades, he built and managed the iconic KCNQ-102.5 and KRVQ-104.5 stations in the Kern River Valley, playing an integral role in the local broadcasting industry.

In his retirement interview, Charlie spoke fondly of his work in small market radio, appreciating its personal and impactful nature. Relocating to the Kern River Valley in 2009, he took over management of AM 1140 and two FM stations at Alta Sierra Broadcasting, further cementing his commitment to local radio

Charlie Busch’s dedication to the Kern River Valley extended beyond the airwaves. He actively engaged with the local community, serving on various boards, including the Kernville and Kern River Valley chambers of commerce, Kern Valley Health Care, and The Exchange Club. His brainchild, the River Rhythms Concert in the Park Series, remains a testament to his love for the valley.

A Fond Farewell

In October 2022, Charlie and his wife, Trish, decided to pass on the stations’ ownership to Neil and Amie Preston. Despite relinquishing day-to-day operations, his legacy continues to thrive through the show “Tradio,” where listeners can call in and share memories of Charlie. The valley fondly remembers him as a “Gentle Giant of a Man,” a sentiment that echoes through the airways.


The Kern River Valley bids a heartfelt farewell to Charlie Busch, a radio pioneer and devoted community member. His contributions to the broadcasting industry and unwavering dedication to small market radio have left an enduring impact on the valley. As friends and listeners pay their respects, Charlie’s legacy as a “Gentle Giant of a Man” lives on, celebrated through the airwaves and cherished in the hearts of many.

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