Cash Moore Obituary: A Visionary Entrepreneur and Beloved Community Figure

Breaking News: Cash Moore, Founder of Cash’s Liquors, Passes Away

Northwest Florida – The community mourns the loss of Cash Moore, a visionary entrepreneur, and the founder of Cash’s Liquors. The influential figure bid a peaceful farewell at the age of 85, leaving behind a legacy that shaped the liquor industry and touched countless lives.

Celebrating the Life of Cash Moore: Obituary

Cash Moore’s journey as an entrepreneur began during his time at Auburn University in 1965 when he acquired the Faux Pas bar, laying the foundation for his prosperous venture, Cash’s Liquors. For 58 years, his dedication and pursuit of excellence made Cash’s Liquors a multimillion-dollar liquor chain that proudly served the community.

Who is Cash Moore?

Cash Moore, born in 1938, was a distinguished entrepreneur whose impact extended beyond his successful business ventures. He demonstrated his keen business acumen by acquiring the Faux Pas bar during his time at Auburn University, which marked the inception of his thriving enterprise, Cash’s Liquors.

 Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Cash Moore’s Impact

Cash Moore’s unwavering commitment to excellence transformed Cash’s Liquors into the largest independent liquor chain in Northwest Florida. However, his impact extended beyond his business success, as he was revered for his warm spirit and love for the community, earning the adoration of countless individuals.

Cash Moore: Continuing the Legacy

Cash Moore’s legacy lives on through his family and the thriving business he founded. His daughter, Cash Moore, grew up alongside the liquor industry and now plays an essential role in the corporate office of Cash’s Liquors, making significant contributions to the company’s growth and success.

 Honoring Cash Moore’s Memory

As a community leader, Cash Moore actively contributed to the growth and well-being of the region he served. His legacy will inspire future generations to pursue their passions with determination and cherish the relationships they build along the way.


Northwest Florida bids farewell to Cash Moore, a visionary entrepreneur, and the founder of Cash’s Liquors. His impact on the liquor industry and the lives of countless individuals will be cherished for generations to come. Beyond his successful business ventures, Cash Moore’s warmth, dedication, and love for the community made him a beloved figure, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and guide others. As Cash Moore emerges as a potential successor to his empire, the Moore family’s commitment to excellence and community spirit will carry on, ensuring Cash Moore’s memory remains alive in the hearts of many.

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