Texas Resident Steve Chapman Dies in Fatal Car Crash

Campsie Shooting: Man, 27, Shot In The Head As Gang War Erupts Again


Sydney’s gang war erupted again on Tuesday night when a man was targeted in a drive-by shooting – before three burnt out cars were discovered in neighbouring suburbs.


According to reports from, two people were in a car when occupants of another vehicle peppered them with bullets. Multiple crews of paramedics attended the scene and treated a 27-year-old man for wounds to his chest and head. He has been taken to St George Hospital in a serious condition. A crime scene has been established at the scene of the shooting and at an underground carpark on Canterbury Road.

The driver of the car that had been shot at is believed to have fled to the carpark. Firefighters were called to the scene of three burnt out cars in nearby suburbs Birrong, Berala and Kingsgrove. They were able to extinguish the flames however the cars were left completely destroyed.


Investigations are underway to determine if there is a link between the shooting and the burnt cars.

Gang War

This latest shooting comes amid an ongoing gang war in Sydney that has left many dead or injured. Since mid-2020, there have been at least 25 underworld shootings on Sydney’s streets. On July 27, 2023, a man, 28, was gunned down on Broughton Street in Canterbury at about 2am.

Shocking Photo

A shocking photo emerged showing horrified schoolkids confronted with the scene of Ferenc Stemler’s bloodied body hours after he was shot dead . Several primary-school aged children were seen walking past the cordoned off crime scene.

Forensic officers were also seen photographing the partially-covered body in full view of the public walking past. An abandoned vape lay in the road near the body of the man clad in grey track pants and white runners.


The tactic of lighting getaway cars on fire has become a common trait of Sydney hitmen in recent years.

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