Angelo Bruschini, Massive Attack Guitarist, Succumbs to Lung Cancer at 44

Angelo Bruschini, Massive Attack Guitarist, Succumbs to Lung Cancer at 44

The Passing of a Musical Icon

The music world is mourning the untimely loss of Angelo Bruschini, the acclaimed guitarist who graced the stage with the iconic band Massive Attack. Angelo, who had been battling a rare form of lung cancer known as Pleomorphic Carcinoma, has passed away at the age of 44. The band confirmed this heart-wrenching news on social media, leaving fans and the industry in sorrow.

Angelo Bruschini, whose exceptional talents as a guitarist enriched the sonic landscape of Massive Attack, has left a void in the world of music that will be hard to fill. He first joined the band in the 1990s, leaving an indelible mark on their sound and legacy.

Massive Attack Confirms the Tragic News

Massive Attack took to social media to share the devastating news with their fans and the world. In a poignant post on X (formerly Twitter), the band wrote, “RIP Angelo. A singularly brilliant & eccentric talent. Impossible to quantify your contribution to the Massive Attack canon. How lucky we were to share such a life together.” They later expressed their devastation on Instagram, further emphasizing the profound loss they are enduring.

The Battle Against Pleomorphic Carcinoma

Angelo Bruschini’s struggle with Pleomorphic Carcinoma, an exceptionally rare form of lung cancer, was marked by its low survival rates and ineffective treatment options. This aggressive cancer typically occurs in less than one percent of cases, making it an even more formidable adversary.

Official Confirmation on October 24

While news of Angelo’s passing had been circulating on social media for a day, the band officially confirmed it on October 24. Massive Attack dedicated multiple posts on their Facebook page to mark this tragic loss, sharing two black images with the caption “#RIPangelo.” Another post featured Angelo in his element, performing on stage, with words that echoed their sorrow and admiration: “Devastated. How lucky we all were to share such a life together. Such a brilliant, eccentric talent. Impossible to quantify your contribution. RIP Angelo.”

A Heartfelt Message from Angelo’s Wife

Angelo Bruschini’s wife, Jessica, also shared the sad news of her husband’s passing. In a heartfelt Facebook post, she said, “I am very sad to announce that my beautiful husband, Angelo Bruschini, died on 23rd October 2023 at 12.15am. It was from a rare and aggressive cancer.” The heartfelt message from his wife underscores the personal tragedy of Angelo’s passing and the impact he had on those close to him.

The music world has lost a brilliant talent, and fans are left with a void that cannot be easily filled. Angelo Bruschini’s legacy with Massive Attack will be remembered and celebrated for years to come, and his memory will live on through his music.

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