Accident near Mission Bridge British Columbia, Canada Causes Traffic Delays

Accident near Mission Bridge British Columbia, Causes Traffic Delays

In a concerning incident, a 40-foot semi-truck overturned on Highway 11 near Mission Bridge, resulting in traffic slowdowns and a prompt emergency response. First responders, including the RCMP, Mission Fire Rescue Service (MFRS), and BC Ambulance, rushed to the scene following reports of a three-vehicle crash on Monday morning (July 31).

The Accident Scene

The accident, which occurred just before 9:30 a.m., involved a 40-foot semi-truck and two other vehicles. As emergency teams arrived, they were faced with the task of stabilizing the overturned truck due to a severe fuel leak. The situation also led to the destruction of the barricades on the ramp, adding to the complexity of the scene.

Traffic Delays and Lane Restrictions

As a result of the accident, traffic near Mission Bridge experienced significant disruptions. Both northbound and southbound lanes were reduced to one lane, with the center lane completely blocked off. Motorists were advised to exercise caution and patience while authorities worked diligently to address the situation.

Emergency Response in Action

The combined efforts of the RCMP, MFRS, and BC Ambulance showcased their efficient emergency response as they managed the accident site and ensured the safety of everyone involved. Thankfully, initial reports indicate that there were no injuries resulting from the collision.

As the situation continues to unfold, authorities will remain on-site to stabilize the vehicle, address the fuel leak, and assess the overall impact on traffic in the area. Motorists are encouraged to follow updates from local authorities and plan their travel accordingly.

Please note that this is an ongoing situation, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

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