Accident AP-7 Ara- Traffic chaos on AP-7 after car-truck collision with pigs.

Accident AP-7 Ara- Traffic chaos on AP-7 after car-truck collision with pigs.

Accident AP-7 Ara: Traffic Chaos on AP-7: Car-Truck Collision with Pigs Causes Highway Closure

An unfortunate accident on the AP-7 has caused traffic chaos in the Ara region. The highway has been closed for over an hour in the northbound direction near Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda due to a collision between a passenger car and a truck transporting pigs. The aftermath of the accident has resulted in significant traffic jams, stretching up to 10 km from Sant Cugat. Authorities advise motorists to use alternative routes such as the C-16, C-25, or B-23 to avoid the congestion.

The Accident Scene

The collision caused the truck to overturn, blocking the middle of the road. Additionally, the driver’s cabin caught fire, adding to the complexity of the situation. As a result, all the animals being transported had to be evacuated, further restricting the flow of traffic. Currently, only two lanes are open for vehicles traveling in the southbound direction.

Emergency Response

In response to the incident, firefighters swiftly deployed eight land units and a helicopter to the scene to address the fire. Their quick action led to the successful containment of the fire, bringing some relief to the situation. However, the traffic disruption caused by the accident remains a significant concern for commuters and authorities alike.

Additional Accident in Cardedeu

Adding to the challenges, another accident has occurred in Cardedeu on the same AP-7 highway, cutting off one northbound lane. This secondary accident has created a queue stretching over 2 km from La Roca. The combination of these two accidents has significantly impacted traffic flow and led to extended delays for motorists.

The car-truck collision on the AP-7 near Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda, involving a truck transporting pigs, has resulted in a highway closure and severe traffic disruptions. Authorities are diligently working to clear the road and manage the flow of vehicles. In the meantime, commuters are urged to use alternate routes to avoid the affected areas. Stay informed about updates from traffic authorities while they work to resolve the situation and ensure a safer journey for everyone.

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